Month: April 2024

The Voodoo of China Hawks

There is a growing and increasingly vocal constituency in the United States that favors a kinetic war with China. Look no further than hallowed pages of Foreign Affairs, America’s preeminent platform of intellectual engagement on international policy. In the upcoming...

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China’s Growth Shock

Whether it is a race car or an economy, deceleration is all relative. If a sleek, high-performance race car slows abruptly from a speed of 200 miles an hour to 50 miles per hour, a passenger without a seatbelt might be thrown through the windshield, Similarly, for an...

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What’s the Point?

That is the tough question that I am now asking myself after my recent trip to Beijing to attend the 25th annual China Development Forum (CDF). Having been to all but the first CDF in 2000, my participation over each of the ensuing 24 years makes me the...

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