Month: July 2022

Globalization with Chinese Characteristics?

China has been the greatest beneficiary of the current wave of globalization. In the decade prior to China’s 2001 accession to the World Trade Organization, Chinese exports averaged just 2% of total world exports. By 2021, that share had risen to 12.7%. China is...

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Zero Covid = Zero Growth

Largely in response to China’s so-called “dynamic zero-Covid” policy, official government statistics just revealed that the Chinese economy slowed to a virtual standstill in the second quarter of this year.  The increase of +0.4 % in real GDP is reported on a...

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Chip Liberation for China?

Accidental Conflict raises the possibility that America’s fixation on Huawei may well be a foil for US neglect of its own innovation and technology imperatives.  The chapter on “Huawei as a Trojan Horse” explores this issue in detail, unmasking false allegations...

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NATO Pressures on China

The just concluded G-7 and NATO summits in Europe elevated western concerns over China as a growing geostrategic threat.  Unsurprisingly, the Russian Federation was the focus of this updated threat assessment in light of the unprovoked carnage of its war with...

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