Month: January 2023

A Difference of Opinions

With the benefit of hindsight, some key lessons from my trip to Hong Kong last week are slowly coming into focus. First, it was great to be back in Asia.  A three-year Covid-induced travel embargo was starting to become intolerable. Zoom is great for makeshift...

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Back in Hong Kong

I have finally made it back to Asia for the first time since the Covid outbreak.  I was supposed to travel to Singapore in mid-November but was hit by the virus a week before my long-scheduled departure.  That effectively cleared the decks for this second, successful...

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A Page from the Wuhan Playbook

Unsurprisingly, Covid is now surging in China in the aftermath of the government’s reversal of its unsustainable zero-Covid policy.  Given China’s lack of herd immunity and the prevalence of highly transmissible Omicron variants, this is hardly surprising. ...

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