Month: April 2023

No Off Ramp

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is my favorite living policy economist. It’s not just her rich experience in academia and government. It is the creative and tenacious application of that experience to tackling a wide range of formidable challenges in economics,...

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Back on the Road

It is starting to feel like I am back on Wall Street! This dispatch comes from London, my second offshore trek in 3½ weeks. This time, it is an international investor conference, providing me with the opportunity to push the debate on China, decoupling, and interest...

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Beijing’s Grim Sense of Resignation

As the jet lag fades (mostly) from my first trip back to China in nearly three and a half years, a few fuzzy impressions are now coming into sharper focus. Resignation is at the top of my list. For the broad consensus of Chinese I met with during my March 23 to 28...

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