Month: June 2023

Another Slip of the Tongue

Joe Biden has done it again.  His depiction of Xi Jinping as a “dictator” at a private fundraising event on June 20 is yet another setback on the road to US-China conflict resolution. Two days later, in playing down his faux pas, Biden insisted, “I don’t think it’s...

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A Dead End for Diplomacy?

As the US Secretary of State wings his way toward Beijing — finally, I add, emphatically— the focus of the US-China conflict shifts back toward diplomacy. Unfortunately, this mission is shaping up as a painful reminder of what is missing in the realm of US-China...

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The Heat is On in Taiwan

The “theory” of accidental conflict is quite simple. US-China conflict escalation, as per my recent book, draws its sustenance from the high-octane fuel of dueling false narratives that both nations project on the other. It doesn't take much of a spark to ignite such...

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Elon and Jamie

A CNBC headline exclaimed, “A flood of US execs head to China.” CNN dubbed it a “flock.” A trickle would probably have been a better choice of words. Yes, two high-profile CEOs, Elon Musk of Tesla and Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, were back in China this week. But in the...

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