Month: January 2024

Davos Has Lost Its Way

Ah, how I miss the pizzaz of Davos. Rolling out of a warm bed and watching the glitterati parade on CNBC is hardly the same as the bone chilling first-hand experience. I was a mainstay at the World Economic Forum for nearly fifteen years in the early 2000s. At the...

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Washington Compounds the Taiwan Problem

So much for the “San Francisco vision”—the feel-good spin that followed quickly on the heels of the 15 November summit between Presidents Biden and Xi. Once again, US politicians can’t resist the temptation to pour salt on China’s most open wound, Taiwan. Just as the...

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Priced for Perfection

We live in an imperfect world. Yet at the start of 2024, world financial markets were priced for perfection—discounting a complete reversal of the inflationary shock of 2021-22, a modest slowing of the real economy, and prescient central bank easing enabling the...

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