Month: August 2022

Kurt Campbell’s Asian Pivot

Kurt Campbell, National Security Council Indo-Pacific Coordinator (aka Biden’s “Asia man”) has an important cameo role in Accidental Conflict.  As I note in the book, “In an earlier incarnation at the State Department, Campbell played a key tole in developing one of...

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Splitting Hairs on “One China”

The predictable blowback on my latest FT opinion piece fixated on misdirected efforts to provide justification for Nancy Pelosi’s pro-independence stance on Taiwan.  I cited the 1972 Shanghai Communiqué as providing the bedrock foundation for US acceptance of the “One...

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What Did Pelosi Accomplish?

Predictably, the Chinese have responded with a vengeance to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s August 2-3 chest-thumping visit to Taiwan. The Speaker’s remarks, which unexpectedly found me offering live color commentary at the time on CNBC Asia, played well in domestic...

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