Month: December 2022

Tightening the Tech Vise

While diplomatic talks have been restarted between the US and China — hardly surprising in light of US Secretary of State Blinken’s upcoming trip to Beijing in early 2023 — the main event on the conflict escalation watch continues to play out in the tech arena.  The...

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Non-zero Covid?

So, Xi Jinping finally caved on one of his signature policies. Apart from the hopelessly impractical zero-Covid approach to dealing with the highly transmissible, but less lethal, Omicron strain of the virus, two key developments forced this concession: increasingly...

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Remembering Jiang Zemin

The passing of China’s third-generation leader, as Jiang Zemin’s presidency (1993 to 2003)  is categorized in modern Chinese history, underscores the important contrast between then and now.  He was Deng Xiaoping’s (China’s second-generation leader) hand-picked...

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