Month: March 2023

China’s Take on the SVB Crisis

Last week I hinted that the rapidly spreading SVB crisis — from Silicon Valley Bank to Signature and First Republic Banks, to Credit Suisse — could have important implications for the US China conflict. I am now back in Beijing for the first time in over three years,...

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Canary in the Coal Mine?

Simmering tensions are a necessary but not sufficient condition for conflict. I have stressed in Accidental Conflict that it will take a spark to ignite the high-octane fuel of US-China conflict escalation. Over the past few months, I have written about several...

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Several high-profile opinion writers have recently taken issue with Washington’s increasingly adversarial stance toward China.  It’s about time. As I noted a couple of weeks ago, the accelerating escalation of a long simmering Sino-American conflict is especially...

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The Drumbeat of War

Anti-China sentiment in the United States is now at the danger point. The rapid progression of conflict escalation over the past five years — a trade war quickly followed by a tech war that has now morphed into a new cold war — is now hinting of something far worse. ...

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