Month: March 2024

The Spirit of the China Development Forum

It’s that time of the year—late March, when for each of the past 24 years I have gone to Beijing to attend the China Development Forum (during Covid, two of those meetings were virtual). While I missed the first meeting in 2000, I have been there every year since....

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Sinophobia Unhinged

It has been building for years. It started in the early 2000s when the United States and its allies first raised security concerns over allegations of the so-called backdoor espionage potential embedded in Huawei’s telecommunications networking products. China’s...

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Chinese Tea Leaves

At this time of the year, the eyes of China watchers turn to the annual “two sessions” meetings taking place in Beijing. Two parallel gatherings in Beijing—the nation’s elected legislature (National People’s Congress) and the political advisory organization of the...

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