Month: May 2023

Two Summits

All eyes are on the G-7 summit this weekend (May 19-21) in Hiroshima, Japan—a painfully historic setting for a world in turmoil. The issues are many but three seem likely to get the greatest attention—the war in Ukraine, climate change, and China. While there is some...

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Conflict Fatigue

After a while, it starts to seem like “same old, same old.” Week after week, I detail on these pages yet another twist in the seemingly never-ending US-China conflict—from tariffs and sanctions to 5G telecommunications equipment and advanced semiconductors, from...

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Coping with a Tech War

The United States has dispelled any doubts about its intentions to squeeze China’s rise as a technology superpower. Starting with a mid-September 2022 speech by National Security Director Jake Sullivan that laid out the broad parameters of the case against China, the...

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