Month: November 2023

On Thanksgiving

For me, Thanksgiving is always a time of appreciation—not just for family and food but also for the deeper issues afflicting all of us.  With the world in turmoil, that latter point is an especially tough task today. But a few minutes ago, the first tranche of...

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A Better Summit

My October 26 piece for Project Syndicate was titled, “A Better Biden-Xi Summit?” The emphasis was on the question mark.  The Bali summit of a year ago was a flop in many respects—poor preparation, too much emphasis on slogans (putting a “floor” on a conflicted...

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The Pre-Summit Scramble

Predictably, both the United States and China are engaged in a flurry of diplomatic activity ahead of next week’s summit between US President Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping. As of this writing, the actual date and venue have yet to be formally announced by...

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The Contrary Case on China

The pessimism on China is well in excess of anything I have encountered in my 25 years as a China watcher. There are a few scattered holdouts but even I threw in the towel nearly a year ago after being pretty much of a perma-bull on China since the late 1990s. But...

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