Month: October 2022

20th Party Congress: Itching for Conflict

Halfway through China’s 20th Party Congress and the news has been fairly predictable.   Xi Jinping’s opening speech on October 16 was long on self-promotion and ideology, but actually about one hour shorter in terms of delivery time when compared with his grand...

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20th Party Congress: Surprises?

The attention given to China’s upcoming Party Congress far exceeds that preceding any other event in the modern (post-Mao) history of the CCP. The focus has spanned the gamut — from leadership and ideological doctrine to the internal policy debate and China’s...

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20th Party Congress: The Next Chinese Premier

Last week, I provided a general overview of the upcoming 20th Party Congress, always China’s most widely watched political event.  I stressed that in this case, the focus will be less on ideology and policy (unlike the 19th Party Congress in 2017, which saw the...

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