Month: June 2024

The Tech War that Backfired

Apparently, it hasn’t dawned on Washington that America’s anti-China tech strategy has failed. The more we try to limit Chinese access to western technology through tariffs, sanctions, and the arm-twisting of our allies that we call friend-shoring, the greater the...

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Resignation Bordering on Despair

The spark is gone. After having spent the past week in Beijing and Hong Kong, there can be no mistaking a darkening mood in both cities. Their unbridled enthusiasm and can-do energy have given way to a relatively grim sense of resignation. For the younger generation,...

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Hong Kong is Over: An Audacious Wake-Up Call

Stephen Roach speech before The Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong June 5, 2024 It is a distinct honor to stand before the Foreign Correspondents Club, with your rich history of defending press freedom in Hong Kong. I can think of no better platform than the FCC...

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